The plan is to make this a regular journal about the happenings in our co-op.

We have had a donating issue recently. One of our members was very generous, donating millions of gold. We tried to stop him, told him it was a lot of money and it was not the purpose of our co-op to start and finish everything with gold yourself. After a while we noticed that he wasn’t online any more and Goodgame Studios notified us of the transactions having been fraudulent and that we should refrain from using the gold and they would remove it soon. This was the moment on which we also decided to remove him from the cooperation to be able to move on with fresh members.

We have been searching for new members, but there haven’t been any reactions yet. We are still trying our best to find the right members for the co-op. In our opinion these members should be kind and willing to help, in order to give them the best co-op experience possible and to make sure the entire co-op, including them, benefits from our activities.



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